Gabriel Electrical Contractors have all necessary skills and resources to undertake projects ranging from high voltage switchyards and transformer terminations, through electricity distribution, motor control centre design and manufacture, design and implementation of control systems including HMI and preparation of documentation and maintenance requirements. 

Gabriel Electrical Contractors specialise in “turn key” projects incorporating design, documentation, manufacture and installation of electrical systems 
Our highly trained and experienced workforce has a proven track record in ensuring time critical projects are carried out in a safe, timely and efficient manner. 
To enable you to ascertain our capabilities, we offer the following information about our management systems, our previous projects including contact details for companies and people we have provided services for in the past. 

Needs Analysis 

  • Conduct a needs analysis for each project to ensure the company has adequate resources to complete the project in compliance with the customer’s specification, on time and within budget. 
  • Ensure adequate financial resources are available to the project to fit within the work schedule 
  • Ensure access to adequate labour force, plant and equipment. 
  • Conduct a “skills audit” and identify any training needs that may be required. 
  • Facilitate any training required to address any skills deficit. 

Project Management (Electrical Scope) 

  • Liaise with the overall project manager and produce a work schedule for the electrical scope that ties in to the overall project schedule. 
  • Allocate labour resources to the project to fit within the work schedule 
  • Allocate plant and equipment resources to the project to fit within the work schedule 
  • Monitor the progress of the work schedule at regular intervals to identify any possible future conflicts, delays or material shortages and address these issues before they impact on the project completion time. 
  • Regularly liaise with other trades and stakeholders to ensure the effective use of resources and timely delivery of the project 

Design Philosophy 

  • The safety of persons in the equipment’s vicinity both during construction and ongoing operation is at the pinnacle of the systems design. 
  • The system performs the tasks required and that the specifications provided by the client are met. 
  • The impact on the environment is minimised during construction and operation of the equipment. 
  • The systems are designed using industry standard techniques for ease of comprehension and use. 
  • The system facilitates an efficient use of the labour force during construction and operation of the equipment. 
  • At project completion, the client has a simple to operate, automated system 

Document & Data Control System 

  • Documents are created electronically using industry standard proprietary software packages including AutoCAD®, and MS Office® suite 
  • Control of document revisions, deletions and additions is systematically managed. Manual mark-ups to documents are updated electronically in a timely manner to ensure all stakeholders have access to the current information. 
  • Creation and maintenance of document registers to ensure all stakeholders are issued with the latest revision of the documentation. 
  • Systematic control of the data backup process to minimise the risk of data loss. All documents are backed up electronically as well as hard (paper) copies on file for easy retrieval. 

Switchboard, Motor Control Centre and Control Panel Manufacture 

  • Equipment designed in compliance with our design philosophy 
  • Equipment manufactured under our Quality Management System, ensuring testing for compliance to specifications at all stages 
  • Manufacture of equipment included in the works schedule to ensure timely delivery to site 
  • Labelling of all external and internal equipment with “trafelite” labels for ease of maintenance 
  • Full documentation created using AutoCAD® and provided on delivery of the equipment. Documentation includes: 
    • Panel Construction 
    • Equipment Layout 
    • Single Line Diagrams 
    • Individual Motor Schematics 
    • System Control Documentation 
    • P.L.C. Program Ladder Logic Diagram complete with Labelled components 

Onsite installation and commissioning 

  • Site mobilisation (generally) includes establishment of a compound with our mobile workshop, store and administration area and plant and equipment. 
  • Site installation carried out in an extremely professional manner with emphasis on safe work practices during the construction phase and the operational life of the equipment. 
  • All works are carried out in compliance with the client’s specification and ongoing requirements. Flexibility in operations provides the client with the opportunity to make “last minute” modifications. Emphasis is placed on monitoring the work schedule to ensure there are no delays within our own scope of works as well as having consideration to other trades on site that may be affected by our schedule. 
  • Attendance by at least one company representative at all site meetings 
  • Compliance with regulatory authorities requirements (i.e. Supply Authority rules, OH&S practices, Workcover regulations, and the like) 
  • Rigorous on site testing as determined by our project specific QMS testing and inspection plan. All test results and data are held in our office for a minimum period of five years 
  • Operations training provided to equipment operators at the completion of the commissioning phase 
  • Involvement of maintenance staff in the commissioning phase to ensure they have a sound working knowledge of the equipment and processes in place at completion of the project. 
  • Demobilisation at the completion of the project is carried out at in a timely and professional fashion to the client’s requirements. 

Ongoing Maintenance 
We can provide an ongoing maintenance service if required, or a 24 hour, 7 Day telephone support service is provided to the maintenance and operations staff. 

RW & DD Gabriel Electrical Contractors Pty. Ltd. is a quality endorsed company, ensuring quality inspection and testing at all stages of manufacture and installation.

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us

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